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From maintenance scheduling to building a network within the school and community, you will need to be prepared for the amount of labor, money, time, and ongoing commitment that is required to keep a school garden growing.

In this section, you will learn how to build a network within your school community and foster continuous and ongoing use of the garden to support the school curriculum, culture, and events. You will get advice on creating a good funding model and learn how to perform a self-assessment of the entire project, both vital components for long-term sustainability and success. Guide Download: Keep it Growing: 8 pages

Section Overview

Getting Your Hands Dirty

Garden work does not end after construction and planting! Organize garden chores and create a maintenance schedule.


Your school might face a few challenges... be prepared!

Sustaining a School Garden

From hosting a celebration to ongoing fundraising, there are many ways to keep your garden thriving!


Performing a self-assessment to revisit your original goals is essential.